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Meet Legacy Honors, the Legacy Marketing Group® 2023 program that rewards and honors you for doing what you do best … serving your clients! Enroll today for the opportunity to earn extra commission and gain access to exclusive learning forums. With at least $2 million in annual qualifying premium, you can also qualify for Legacy’s Concierge Program.
It’s our privilege to work with dedicated Producers such as you, and we look forward to earning your business throughout the year.
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Extra Commission
Extra Commission
Legacy Honors participants have the exclusive opportunity to earn up to 1% more on their 2023 qualifying premium. The more you sell, the more you earn!
Elevated Service
Elevated Service
With Legacy, you have access to unmatched service, including suitability review and application scrubbing, as well as access to our LegacyNet® web portal to manage your pending and inforce business, carrier contracts, and appointments. Now, with at least $2 million in annual qualifying premium, you can qualify for elevated service with the Concierge Program.
Advance notice of product changes, rate announcements, and special programs.
Advertising customization.
No commission holds over $35K.
Dedicated e-mail address for priority contact.
Proactive L&C reminders to prevent business delays.
And more!
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Exclusive Business Builders
Exclusive Learning Forums
Exclusive webinars on topics relevant to your business.
Access to on-demand recordings, highlighting industry experts.
Peer-to-peer networking and training events.
Sales tools, available only to Legacy Honors members.
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As an independent insurance Producer, you are ultimately responsible for complying with state and federal laws governing the marketing of insurance products, including annuities, and for avoiding any potential conflicts of interest when making product recommendations to prospective clients to ensure the product recommended is suitable and in the best interest of the client. Commissions paid under the program may be required to be disclosed to clients.
This program is offered solely by Legacy Marketing Group, and Legacy, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to determine participant eligibility and revise or discontinue this program at any time.