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June 5, 2019—Petaluma, CA

Legacy Marketing Group® Introduces New FUSION Strategy, Fusing Together Annual Crediting and Multi-Year Upside

Legacy Marketing Group® is excited to announce the availability of a new, game-changing interest crediting strategy on its exclusive line of fixed indexed annuities from “A” rated* Americo Financial Life and Annuity Insurance Company. The new strategy—the FUSION Strategysm**—fuses the best parts of an annual point-to-point strategy and a multi-year strategy.

The five-year FUSION Strategysm credits at the end of each of the first four years if the index is above the starting index value, even slightly, plus it credits uncapped participation in five-year index performance at the end of Year 5.

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April 2, 2018—Petaluma, CA

Luba Losyev Named Vice President, Technology, at Legacy Marketing Group®

Luba Losyev has been named Vice President, Technology, at Legacy Marketing Group®. Mrs. Losyev, who has been with Legacy 23 years, will be responsible for strategic leadership of the company’s ongoing investments in IT infrastructure and implementing its technology goals and objectives.

Mrs. Losyev will play a key role in business planning, determining short- and long-term corporate needs, responding to regulatory changes, and developing the overall IT strategy related to the company’s competitive position.

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March 5, 2018—Petaluma, CA

Legacy Marketing Group® Launches ClassicMark Series of Annuities—Strength and Simplicity Meet Modern Innovation

Legacy Marketing Group® is excited to announce the launch of ClassicMarksm single premium fixed indexed annuities, its newest custom-designed exclusive FIA series. Underwritten by “A” rated* Americo Financial Life and Annuity Insurance Company, ClassicMarksm combines the strength and simplicity of FIAs from years past with the modern innovation and opportunity of today’s products.

“In today’s complicated, fast-paced world, Producers are looking for strong consumer value that’s easy to explain and easy for consumers to understand,” said Legacy President Preston Pitts. “ClassicMarksm was designed with that in mind. It offers consumers a secure, straightforward way to grow their assets and the protection of powerful guarantees while still providing the outstanding growth potential of today’s retirement products.”

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September 19, 2017—Petaluma, CA

Upgraded earnings and income opportunities plus flexible liquidity—all bundled into a single FIA.

Legacy Marketing Group® is excited to announce the launch of FlexMark Selectsm Series single premium deferred index annuities, its newest custom-designed proprietary FIA series. Developed with “A” rated Ameritas Life Insurance Corp.,* FlexMark Select is designed for consumers seeking more choice, control, and flexibility, and offers opportunities for upgraded earnings potential, upgraded income riders, and up to 20% liquidity potential.

“This product series is designed to give Producers the ability to work together with their clients to customize their FIA to meet their needs,” said Legacy President, Preston Pitts. “With FlexMark Select, consumers have the power to experience retirement their way.”

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March 14, 2016—Petaluma, CA

Heritage Maximizersm Enhanced Death Benefit Rider Option Boosts LibertyMarksm Value by 30%

Legacy Marketing Group® is excited to announce the availability of the new Heritage Maximizer enhanced death benefit rider. The consumer-friendly rider boosts the annuity death benefit by 30% after contract Year 3, allowing consumers to leave their loved ones a substantial financial legacy.

Available as an option with LibertyMark non-bonus fixed indexed annuities issued by Americo Financial Life and Annuity Insurance Company, Heritage Maximizer provides a death benefit equal to 130% of the LibertyMark account value at death.

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June 30, 2015—Petaluma, CA

Niju Vaswani Joins Legacy Marketing Group® as Chief Marketing Officer

Legacy Marketing Group is excited to announce the return of Niju Vaswani as the company’s Chief Marketing Officer. Niju, an insurance industry leader with field and corporate development expertise, will be responsible for the strategic direction of Legacy’s sales and marketing areas, including management of the sales and marketing teams, promotion of the company’s products and services, and development of new lines of business.

“We are extremely excited about Niju joining the Legacy team. His extensive industry experience will further our position as a leader in the independent distribution channel and bring a new creative dynamic, allowing us to expand our offerings for future growth. I'm confident that with Niju’s leadership, we’ll be positioned to capitalize on industry changes, while responding to the needs of our IMOs and their Producers,” said Preston Pitts, Legacy President.

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April 7, 2014—Petaluma, CA

Legacy Announces Strategic Partnership With AMERICO
First joint FIA series features diverse strategies and dual bonus for substantial growth opportunities

Legacy Marketing Group® today announced a strategic alliance with Americo Financial Life and Annuity Insurance Company (Americo) to develop and market proprietary fixed indexed annuity products. “Americo is innovative and committed to partnering with us to focus on growing independent distribution,” said Preston Pitts, Legacy President.

The partnership will allow Legacy and Americo, which is rated “A-” by A.M. Best, to combine their expertise in bringing innovative products to the market. “We are excited to be working with such a recognized leader in the independent product distribution channel. We believe the LibertyMarksm Series will be just the first of many innovative annuity products that Legacy and Americo will bring to the marketplace,” said Phil Polkinghorn, Americo President.

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